After ten years of label history, over twenty artists contributing over thirty releases, we thought it's time to leave the arena.

Founded in 2001 by Manu Harmilapi, the label started with vinyl releases by Cycom and Barth and quickly evolved into Germany's most break-dominant Drum 'n' Bass label. In 2005, Plain relaunched as "Plainaudio", a free netlabel for Drum 'n' Bass, Electronica and Experimental featuring artists like Alpha Omega, Cartridge, Macc, LXC, IJO and Martsman amongst others. Due to various projects, jobs, families and other commitments, we're forced to prioritise otherwise and close down the label for the time being.

We thank all of our long time fans and supporters, all the artists, who contributed to our humble catalogue and all the befriended and associated labels.

If anyone from our humble artist roster could claim the title of a resident, it'd be Hek187 without a doubt.
It's the third round for our man from Berlin - after "Enemy's Inside" and "Big Dawg", we are happy to release yet another three-tracker-EP. Wether it's his steady appearance at various nightclubs and venues in the Berlin area or everyday (well, rather -night) business with two little'uns that gave the "Sleepwalker EP" its name, we cannot tell. Be it as it may - the listener gets his/her usual B-Boy treatment: deadly deep subs, clanking heights, grunting basslines and eerie pads'n'stabs in the middle. Random description you might think - yeah, well words are for readers, beats are for listeners - get yer copy, let the music do the talking.



A b2b djset by Martsman and Flowpro sporting some of last years hottest plainaudio releases, a Macc dub from his "rougher days" ;) and some exquisite mixing.

Grab it while you can!