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"What the fuck is a 2-step-beat?" ... such a saying could roughly describe the productions of Barth. The Amigaveteran has already shown that he's got the right sense for dodgy drum'n'bass productions. Barth previously released mp3-files on, laying the groundwork for his debut on plain productions. As a "high-tech-audiofanatic" he fuses nested breakbeatism with funky sci-fi-sounds. His minimal productions feature high-quality sound design and go far beyond the straightness of other drum'n'bass releases. The sound of barth is exciting, inventive and cybernetic.

/// de:bug magazin [ger]
Killertracks on plain productions, a label which is looking for new kinds of funky breaks and damn easily gets to find them. A floating track on the A-side with tons of drumrolls and funky pearls in sound that become more and more intense, retaining the mood of Source Direct without sounding like it. Even deeper rolling subbassrides on the b-side. A record that all those will love who grew up with the sound of oldskool drum'n'bass and who miss exactly this at the moment.


B     CYCLOTRON 9.4 MB 9.4 MB

Josh-Hill [ Netherlands, 2005-09-08 13:31:50 ]
Both great tunes with awesome drum editing... my favorite is Cyclotron which got the snappiest drums

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Deck@s [ Rotterdam, 2005-11-02 20:55:05 ]
crazy drums and nice tunes with great editing
both tracks big up!

SeEkoNe of th Northern Wax Cavalry [ Adelaide, South Australia, 2008-05-26 14:34:22 ]
Dope tunes. Where can I find more?

SHIFT [ South Wales, 2009-01-11 04:32:35 ]
cant believe only now im finding this isht!

TDB [ USA, 2009-04-18 13:15:56 ]
yeah me too! I can not believe I just found this label. Great stuff! Keep it up.