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Martsman's first release on has mad potential. "Genom"'s funk-fueled new school beats are well combined with dread bass and spiralling delay fx. Martsman proves again that he is one of the few gifted producers to successfully connect the future to the past of drum'n'bass within just one track. "Let the bass kick..."
"Antifunny" is exactly what the name suggests: a serious badass 80ies funk monster of a track with blazing fx and unexpected breakdowns. Wobbly subbasses and his trademark sound vocabulary build this genre- defining track.
In addition to these two superb tracks comes a smashing remix of martsman's "Outsider" by Bad Matter. Filtered amen breaks and fat round subbasses meet dubby vocals and rave stabs. A real "hands-in-the-air" tune which perfectly rounds off this stunning release.

A1     GENOM 11.8 MB 11.8 MB

B1     ANTIFUNNY 13.5 MB 13.5 MB


Charly [ here, 2008-04-02 23:17:15 ]
I like `Genom? and `Antifunny?, funky-technoid-DnB.