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We are proud to present Cartridge as our newest Drum & Bass Artist on Plainaudio. The man behind this name already has numerous releases on Labels like Freak Recordings, Bassbin and Nerve as well as early collaborations together with John Rolodex on Dread Recordings back in 2002. More known for the particular kind of music he had already put out, Cartridge debuts on Plainaudio with three pieces of (in his own words) "...the sound i wish 'Cartridge' would have been known for. It fits the name better than Angerfuckstep".

His three tunes for Plainaudio specifically represent his need to constantly undermine himself and his musical habits to keep on his toes - 'Mystic Key' and the original 'Chemistry Connections', both written in 2002, came out of the void in the midst of a more retro-oriented, borderline-drumfunk sound, steering him towards a greater emphasis on hooks and harmonies which predict the fusion weirdness he now pursues as a member of the live act Lazersnake. Martsman's remix of 'Chemistry Connections' successfully acts on this idea and enhances it with some more drum- and bass-stabbing madness. A Side 'No Data', written in 2004, represents the exact opposite shift; after the oversaturated melodies and drumwork of 'End of the World' and 'Dark Shadows', we hear him stripping the content down to almost nothing, crafting the vibe instead through creative synthesis injected into a simple, subtle groove with a lot more breathing room.

A     NO DATA 14.8 MB 14.8 MB

B1     MYSTIC KEY 13.6 MB 13.6 MB


DJ Mad Wax [ Mile High City, Colorado USA, 2006-08-30 18:00:10 ]
I love the plain audio label - cant wait to hear this release, its downloading now. much respect.

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dennis d. lux [ osnabr?ck, germany, 2006-08-30 20:12:36 ]
i can?t believe what is happening right here...
before i started downloading i was amazed by the nice animated cover, which reminded me of my good old gameboy days ;-)
but when i finally started listening to this ultrafine release i actually startet wondering about an existing possibility that the artist is able to read my mind... i want THAT kind of music, and i NEEDED it right now!
thanx i lot, this is hot stuff!

Beatokko [ Santiago, Chile, 2006-08-30 22:37:56 ]
Grabbin rite now... first impressions:
Sick cover!!
No Data: Simple, very creative and fresh sounding, being fresh seems to be Cartridge's personal trademark, listening to it comes into mind it's going to be a tune I'll definitely add to my sets, together with Outsider (Mart's rmx) and Cycom's Mathematics.
Mistic Key: It's not what I'm used to, I love that keyboard tho hehe! Definitely reminds me of videogames. It's a tune I'd listen at home to do my everyday stuff... which is nothing. Second drop sounds much better.
Chemistry Connections: A must have for any experimentalist. Nice overall ambience, Definitely jungle-deep-lover sound. Yes, bring that day back to me!!
Very good release, as usual. Top notch!

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ngn [ north of germany, 2006-08-31 13:36:53 ]
yeah! the plainaudio label is my fav.
i like every new release... BIGUP!

roubi [ amsterdam, 2006-09-03 09:58:57 ]
hi guys,
this release is awesome, thanks for mailing it to us, we just added it at

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bad matter [ Berlin, 2006-09-03 12:12:05 ]
nice and soft , but still with "danceappeal" ...i like?em

vexed [ bielefeld, germany, 2008-01-09 21:00:16 ]
respect, keep da vibez.
thanx for that great stuff.