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After two releases on Plainaudio the label's head honcho returns with another 3-tracker under his Iaka alias. Double A-Side "Rumpelkiste" and "Zappenduster" represent the full range of the man's typical deep-spaced out and disturbing soundscapes as well as his very unique-sounding layered beats and bouncey basslines. The cleanness and sterility of the sounds as well as the high precision and the focused concentration on details obviously show, in which way Manu Harmilapi (Iaka's Electronic alias) influenced his alter ego.

With B-Side "Noloop" we are happy to announce the first collaboration with Leipzig based Ultra-Leftfield-label "Alphacut" on which the track was also released on 12" together with Cycom's "Down the drain" and smashing "Fight" by MZE and the Society Suckers as the fifth release just recently. "Alphacut" opened a wide spectrum of Drum&Bass sounds also on their first four releases featuring Bad Matter, Buzz, Cycom, LXC (the label's head himself) and Hi-Lar amongst others.
So, how come it sounds so totally different from the other Iaka sounds we know? - "Noloop is far older than the other two tracks for Plainaudio. It was basically the result of my aggression due to an assignment for a job which didn't happen. I really had to let off steam!" Noticable!

A1     RUMPELKISTE 19.0 MB 19.0 MB

A2     ZAPPENDUSTER 15.6 MB 15.6 MB

B1     NOLOOP 11.9 MB 11.9 MB

FU [ Hamburg, 2006-11-17 19:27:17 ]
Mr.IAKA nice one! thx
exelent plain working...

hns [ Berlin, 2006-11-19 11:39:22 ]
yeah, very nice tracks... forward going drumfunk with atmospherical acid-sounds : that?s the way (aha aha) i like it ;) ... keep it rollin

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aju [ hamburg (htown), 2006-11-20 01:02:59 ]
fette soundz/ beatz, sehr spacig. weida so.

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beeside [ hamburg, 2006-11-20 21:36:17 ]
rumpelkiste is'n absoluter volltreffer ...! geht ordentlich nach vorne und das shuffle/break rockt so derma?en...! burner !!
zappenduster gef?llt mir ebenfalls sehr gut! schwierig zu beschreiben aber man scheint sich irgendwo durchzuk?mpfen und wird von allen seiten beobachtet!
noloop kommt sehr sch?n verspielt daher und sp?testens die fl?che nimmt einen einfach nur noch mit.....!
sehr gute und vor allem saubere arbeit !! weiter so !! respect !!

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FU [ Hamburg, 2006-11-23 12:17:33 ]
.....and the Cover is nice ;)

John Doe @ CI [ Tilburg, the Netherlands, 2006-12-04 18:11:35 ]
Hey Thomas & Iaka, I remembered to check em out ;-)
Bigup the Plain Audio crew for excellent releases.
SUPER GEIL KLASSE all the way :P

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sl [ k?lle, 2006-12-14 17:04:57 ]
der beste rumpelmacher iaka hat mal wieder die kiste zum zerbersten gebracht. zieht ordentlich an das ding und lauert und lauert und brennt, brennt, brennt -yeah baby, sexy nummer!

TDrum [ Lithuania, 2006-12-21 05:36:36 ]
Cool tracks :) DNB 4eva

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mightiness [ Kiel, 2007-01-11 08:28:20 ]
fette tracks! irgendwie sone mischung aus ed rush`n `optical vs. ray keith vs Zukunft sch?n verpielt,
mag am liebsten zappenduster kurz gefolgt vom noloop

break beats! [ GE - capital of unemployment, NRW, 2007-01-25 10:47:20 ]
lange nicht mehr so derbe packende tracks geh?rt! da k?nnen so manche jungs von der insel mit ihrem nintendo-grossraumdisko-step einpacken. this is serious business mate...putting german d'n'b back on the map again! props
take care
break beats!

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markus redux [ hamburg, 2007-01-25 16:32:03 ]
uhh, lecker!
rumpelkiste und zappenduster machen meinen tag..
werde wohl heute abend meine alten dnb platten entstauben m?ssen :-)
keep doing what you are doing, mr iaka!

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